Great Lent

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A note from Fr Kristijan about Fasting for Great Lent

It is my dear wish to see children ages 7-12 fast at least one week in order to receive communion during this 40 day Lenten period.

Those who are 13 and older (from adolescence to adulthood) who are not fasting the entire 40 days, but would still like to take communion should fast according to the current prevalent (albeit unofficial) rule held for adults in the Serbian Orthodox Church, which presently are:

  1. Fast one week before communion (starting on Monday).  For the first half of the week, Monday – Wednesday, one can have fish and oil.
  2.  For the 2nd half of the week, Thursday – Saturday, one must fast more strictly, “na void,” without fish and/or oil.

Those who fast the entire 40 days of Lent may take communion every Sunday after coming to confession.

Please check the BULLETIN for more information.

Your host : Fr. Kristijan Petrovich

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